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The Day Support Program provides a safe, supervised environment to meet each individuals needs by offering a variety of activities to stimulate interest and increase skills. It provides opportunities for socialization and recreation. The Arc has a full-time nurse and activity coordinator. All programs are licensed and certified through the state. The Arc encourages individuals […]



Your donations help us to continue providing programs and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Please help us continue our mission. Your donations help us make a difference to individuals with disabilities. Support The Arc by: volunteering  donating used books  donating classroom supplies  donating used cars  sending a kid to camp  become a […]


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Our Mission

Lynchburg Fire Department at The Arc Mission Statement The Arc of Central Virginia is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating and encouraging opportunities for individual growth and development.  Read More

Stories of Hope

Amy’s Story

Amy is a 24 year old individual with Autism and intellectual disabilities who lives with her mother in their family home. Since finishing high school, Amy has spent her days at home with her mother. Recently, Amy’s mother contacted The Arc of Central Virginia seeking a day support program for Amy. After a brief tour and seeing the variety of activities the Arc has to offer, Amy was enrolled. That was several months ago, and today Amy arrives each morning anxious to see all of her new... 

Featured Story / Testimony

Tim, age 13, and Tom, age 15, are two brothers who have been coming to Camp Meadowlark for a number of years. They enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones. They look forward to the activities, arts and crafts, games, going to new places and especially swimming.

This year their mother contacted the camp director. She said that her boys would be unable to come to camp. They were living on only one income and she couldn’t afford to send lunch for the boys to camp. If the boys went to the sitters, the sitter provided lunch.

Camp Meadowlark doesn’t normally provide lunch to its campers. If they come to camp, they wouldn’t get lunch. The camp director assured their mother that they would get lunch at camp.

Thanks to the help of everyone who supports The Arc of Central Virginia, Tim and Tom were able to come to camp and get lunch.

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